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International human resources consultants to multinational companies in international employment law, company formation, expatriate programs, international employee benefits, total compensation, international and domestic organizational development, global employee relations and the full spectrum of International Human Resources consulting.

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  Global Strategic Human Resources Planning
Organizational Realignment Implementation
Mergers & Acquisition Analysis and Integration
Total Company Organizational Designs
Multidisciplinary Change Design/Management
New Country Organization Introductions
International Strategic Programs in the Full Spectrum of Multinational HR Practice Areas
      International Employee Benefit Plans
Local Country Group Insurance
Global Employee Benefits
Foreign Country Health Plans
Life and Disability Insurance
Multinational Risk Pooling
Defined Contribution and Insured Pensions


International Human Resources Law
International Employment Laws
Global Employment Agreements
Intellectual Property
Non-Competition and Confidentiality
Global Employment Acts Compliance
Competitive Employee Relations Practices
Employee Discipline and Termination
Unjust Dismissal - Termination Settlement
Employee Benefits Law
Immigration Law


Global Organizational Assessment, Design and Development Programs
Expatriate Programs and Preparation
International and Domestic Change Management
Transnational Process Consulting and Coaching
Business Systems Consultants Support - Partnerships
Multinational Team Building and Executive Coaching


International Comprehensive Business Travel Medical Insurance
Group and Individual Expatriate & TCN Benefits
Global Business Travel Accident Insurance
Life and Disability Benefits Insurance

          International Expatriate Consulting
Overseas Employment Contracts
Expatriate Compensation Programs
Visas & Work Permit Application

Expatriate Policies
Expatriate Employee Coaching
International Expatriate Medical Insurance
Employee Repatriation

Job Evaluation and Base Pay Programs
Performance Motivation and Measurement Programs
Management Incentive Plans
Sales Incentive Plans
Phantom Stock Option Programs
Acquisition and Merger Compensation Consolidation
Total Compensation Analysis and Design


Our unique expertise, philosophy and extensive network of global strategic alliances and affiliations can enhance your organizational success.

Contact us for international human resource consulting for the full scope of multinational HR management needs.

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